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New Articles 2013

- Clinical presentation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy New
- Paradoxical effect of obesity on hemorrhagic transformation after acute ischemic stroke New
- Pridopidine paradox in Huntingtons disease New
- Carotid Stenosis : a case vingette NEJM New
- Hypothermia for pediatric refractory status epilepticus New
- Complexities of acute stroke decision making New
- Post ischemic stroke Holmes tremor : medical image New
- Prognosis of newly diagnosed epilepsy in China New
- Plasma homocysteine, Alzheimer and cerebrovascular pathology : a population based autopsy study

Research/Case Studies/Review of Nepal

- Profile of children admitted with seizures in a tertiary care
  hospital of Nepal
- Epilepsy in Nepal
- Eye Twist and Tongue Twist: a rare neurological syndrome
- Opercular syndrome: Case reports and review of

- Young ischemic stroke in South Asia: a review
- Burden of Stroke in Nepal
- Stroke profile in Afghanistan and Nepal
- Gullian Barre Syndrome: major cause of acute flaccid paralysis in children and adolescents of Nepal

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- Neurology discussion forum
- websites for medical books and stuffs
- neurology books
- neurological examination
- kathmandu university medical journal


 Nepalese Journals
 Muscular Dystrophy Nepal
 Epilepsy Society Nepal
 Nepal Epilepsy Association
 Dystrophy Child Care
 Dystrophy Organization Kavre

  Advances in Internal Medicine
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  News and Events

- 9th World Stroke Congress 2014 October, Turkey, Istanbul
- 4th Nepal Japan Neurosurgery Conference 2013 November
- Indian Epilepsy Society EEG Workshop 2013 November 12-13
- Indian Epilepsy Society Epilepsy Conference Nov 13-16
- International symposium of PNS, Sri Lanka Nov 22
- 12th annual asian myology conference: Xian, 2013 June 6-8
- Neuro Talk 2013: Hilton Xian may 23-25

  Neurology/Neurosurgery Centre in Nepal
- Bir Hospital Neurology Department
- Teaching Hospital Neurology Department
- Grande International Hospital Neurology Department
- National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences
- Annapurna Neuro Hospital, Kathmandu
- Neuro Hospital, Biratnagar
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- Intracranial Pressure added October 14
Alzheimers Disease added October 14
- Multiple Sclerosis added October 4
Language and Speech Disorders added september 22
Parkinsons Diasease added September 12
Gullian Barre Syndrome added August 29
Internship in Nepal
Bir Hospital
Maternity Hospital ( Prasuti Griha )
Kanti Children Hospital
Nepal Eye Hospital
Patan Hospital

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